Bayden slickrun.SlickRun is a keyword based launcher that lets you quickly start any file, system or URL


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Dec 20,  · By Bayden techniques SlickRun is a bit drifting command range utility for Windows. Occupying less than % of a x display, SlickRun offers you nearly access immediately to any program on your Subcategory: Launchers. May 22,  · For the nostalgic or whoever prefers to utilize their computer system in an even more direct means, Bayden System has made anything called SlickRun especially for you. SlickRun is a small bar that acts as a command range. With it, you can easily run files, browse folders, open-web pages, and do a number of tasks via instructions typed on the keyboard. May 30,  · we’ve assembled an innovative new create of SlickRun that provides several bugfixes and support (within the command range and Jot, at the least) for Unicode figures. The new rule is made making use of Delphi , which hopefully allows me to make some lengthy awaited (albeit minor) improvements within the near-term.


Bayden slickrun.SlickRun – commandline launcher

Overview of Bayden SlickRun run on the Slant community. You invoke it with an integral hit that does not infer with various other shortcut keys, like Win+Q. It show a little screen during the location you desire%(4). + SlickRun restarts utilizing Restart Manager + Jot filename could be set making use of HKCU\Software\Bayden Systems\SlickRun\JotFilename a REG_SZ + Various bugfixes. v BETA (12 Oct ) + Repair drag/drop of files to properly quote paths + Resolve SLUG loading signal not to blow up SlickRun if module load fails + Resolve pickup of URLs from IE9. Sep 04,  · we shall erase my half-assed attempt in the ZenBar immediately and bow to Bayden Systems. About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former teacher, former Chief Architect in finance, today speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft staff member.
SlickRun Updates
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SlickRun Updates
Saturday, May 30, 2009
Bayden Systems – SlickRun

A bit straight back I talked about this to a couple folks, so there’s prior art I began focusing on the “ZenBar. It is simply quicker for me personally to use a hotkey or demand line to go around for numerous things than make use of the mouse. ZenBar would be to be easy. A floating, partially transparent text box that could index my world and give me autocompletion for all things.

Someone had written it. They had written it much better than I really could have, in addition they did it in Delphi. Exactly what a great thing. Take a look at SlickRun. It’s fast and little. Quicker than Dave’s Search, and easier than ActiveWords. I shall erase my half-assed effort at the ZenBar straight away and bow to Bayden Systems. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, previous Chief Architect in finance, today speaker, specialist, parent, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He could be a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book writer.

Disclaimer: The opinions indicated herein are my very own personal opinions plus don’t express my workplace’s view in any way. Sponsored By. About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former teacher, previous Chief Architect in finance, now presenter, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft staff member.

About Newsletter. Hosting By. Share on Twitter or Twitter or use the Permalink. September 04, What do you indicate it’s an inline calculator? I am using it for some months, but never discovered that feature. Omar Shahine. Dave’s ended up being a little pokey slow. I’d right click, and wait. I’d kind, hit enter, and hang around. SlickRun has audible feedback so you realize it really is heard you instantly.

I didn’t contemplate it, but it IS faster to create, but that is not necessarily crucial. Scott Hanselman. It is the prefix’ed “equals” that makes it work.

September 05, Max S. Scott– Many thanks much for any mention! Please go ahead and e-mail me any future recommendations. As a result to some associated with notes: The Inline Calculator was added several days ago. It really is quite simple and I might do much more with it fleetingly. Sadly, the “Address” bar in Windows does not have similar autocomplete behavior utilized by SlickRun, which was carefully tuned over the past few years. Dave’s toolbar ended up being constantly pretty cool and I also’m still considering eventually integrating SlickRun to the Taskbar just as.

Sadly, that will make things such as “drag and drop text to slickrun to store in Jot” more difficult to implement. If anyone available to you is contemplating a scripting model for SlickRun, please let me know via post whatever you’d use this for; I’m considering this recently.

Thanks again! Eric Lawrence. September 06, Have you ever before looked over an actual command-line on stereoids? Give TakeCommand the opportunity! I am hooked September 08, The stuff indexed in the 1st few messages is only the start of exactly what it could do. It’s got a remarkably effective scripting engine, shortcuts, aliases, commandline modifying, anything you could want and more.

As an adjunct, I would additionally advise the amazing PowerPro – an unimaginably powerful Windows tool that just does every little thing. I have been utilizing it for years and years and now have just begun to scrape the area. It once was called Stilleto, as a shareware item, but he recently went freeware with it. Jonathan Arnold. September 13, OK, they do not contend with every function of SlickRun, but occasionally it really is good to understand what’s here only from the field.

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