Gigabyte p55w v7.Gigabyte P55W v7


Gigabyte p55w v7


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P55W v7. 경고: BIOS 플래시는 잠재적인 위험요소가 있기 때문에 현재 버전의 BIOS를 사용하는 동안 문제가 발생하지 않았다면 BIOS를 플래시하지 않는 것을 권장합니다. BIOS를 플래시하려면 조심해야 하며 부적절한 BIOS 플래시는 시스템에 고장을 일으킬 수 있습니다. GIGABYTE Gaming; Ultra Sturdy™ P55W v7. X. Comparer. Tout Effacer. Vous pouvez ajouter jusqu’à 5 items à comparer. Fermer. P55W v7 Caractéristiques Spécifications help Actualité / Récompenses Galerie de pictures Retour à la web page Liste Carte graphique NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX . Mar 01,  · Gigabyte P55W v7 Asus Strix GLVM-FYT Gigabyte P55W v6 MSI GE62VR 6RFUS Schenker XMG P mm mm 34 mm kg mm mm 24 mm kg mm mm 34 mm kg mm mm 29 84%.


Gigabyte p55w v7.Gigabyte P55W v7

P55W v7. 경고: BIOS 플래시는 잠재적인 위험요소가 있기 때문에 현재 버전의 BIOS를 사용하는 동안 문제가 발생하지 않았다면 BIOS를 플래시하지 않는 것을 권장합니다. BIOS를 플래시하려면 조심해야 하며 부적절한 BIOS 플래시는 시스템에 고장을 일으킬 수 있습니다. GIGABYTE Gaming; Ultra Durable™ P55W v7. X. Comparer. Tout Effacer. Vous pouvez ajouter jusqu’à 5 products à comparer. Fermer. P55W v7 Caractéristiques Spécifications Support Actualité / Récompenses Galerie de photos Retour à la page Liste Carte graphique NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX . Mar 01,  · Gigabyte P55W v7 Asus Strix GLVM-FYT Gigabyte P55W v6 MSI GE62VR 6RFUS Schenker XMG P mm mm 34 mm kg mm mm 24 mm kg mm mm 34 mm kg mm mm 29 84%.
Test Gigabyte P55W v7 Laptop
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Gigabyte P55W v7 Notebook Review
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Test Gigabyte P55W v7 Laptop – Tests

For the initial German analysis, see here. Its – surprise – the 7th version of this reasonably low-priced The modifications built to the casing are restricted to some new interfaces and different placement. Also, an innovative new display can be used the very first time since the P55W v4. The main development is, needless to say, the modern Intel Core iHQ that replaces ab muscles comparable but significantly slower iHQ when you look at the v6.

A DVD burner is additionally installed for people who still make use of digital optical disk storage. In return, Nvidia’s Optimus claims reduced energy consumption and longer battery runtimes. We mainly dedicated to size, cost, and power components while picking contrast laptops with this test. The individuals tend to be:. Gigabyte is once more constant with the casing and just modifies the interfaces compared to the former P55W v4 and v5.

The futuristic sharp-edged and sooner masculine design with eye-catching orange trims on the beds base’s lateral top edges and also the non-slip but nonetheless fingerprint-susceptible soft-touch surfaces are not stale.

Since plastic is once again used solely, the overall solid-looking base is warped to a tiny level with lots of energy. It creates a loud cracking sound that we found in the vent’s location. The top is much easier to twist. Its pressure resistance has actually obviously already been enhanced as picture distortions can only be provoked making use of large pin-point stress. Good: even though cover may be exposed effortlessly with one-hand, it stays in its place whenever laptop is jerked and only rocks for a second.

We did not get a hold of any manufacturing defects. The spaces look even in addition to sides do not protrude everywhere. As a whole, the casing tends to make an excellent impression.

Best Displays , for University Students. None associated with laptop computers into the test is an associate associated with the especially compact, Schenker gifts its relatively prominent yet also very slim XMG P Like the forerunner with identical measurements, our analysis test’s height of 34 mm is striking. While premium-priced video gaming laptop computers now regularly feature Thunderbolt 3, this cannot be anticipated during the cost range of our review test. Consequently, all contrast devices usually do not sport this functional and quick screen.

In return, USB 3. because of HDMI 2. Only a few potential buyers will miss out the lack of the old-fashioned VGA. The card reader is on the front. Sadly, Gigabyte has placed all adequately spaced harbors, including Ethernet for stationary use, on the front sides where inserted cables and flash drives could interfere with making use of an external mouse. This points to a USB 3. Mobile online access is certainly not wanted rather than current, either. The comparably configured rivals within the test are on par.

Besides a user handbook and two DVDs with OS, software, and drivers, just the compulsory power supply can be found in the box. Gigabyte will not offer any accessories made specifically for the P55 lineup. A maintenance hatch is certainly not offered. However, it is relatively simple to remove the bottom dish after releasing 15 Philips screws. The battery, lover, storage device, RAM banks, and Wi-Fi component are able to be accessed, perhaps not making much if such a thing is desired in terms of upkeep.

While US buyers will be happy about the maker’s three-year warranty, the time is restricted to simply 2 yrs in Germany one year on electric battery and power-supply. Details can be bought right here. Gigabyte will not appear to offer any warranty improvements. As well as this guarantee, the appropriate merchant warranty of couple of years is applicable. Gigabyte has not made any changes to the two-level, backlit chiclet keyboard considering that the P55W v4 – and this is good. The width associated with the primary industry is roughly identical with this of a regular desktop keyboard.

The important thing size and spacing usually do not thwart touch typing. The maker doesn’t install dedicated macro tips or perhaps the typical extra column of keys with special functions as found in bigger gaming laptops. The mainly standard layout does not provide any shocks. The non-slip and impeccably lettered keys, a number of that are slightly concave, have actually a lengthy fall and well-palpable pressure point. Their stop is certainly not also soft, making all of them perfect in the tester’s opinion. This results in a pleasing typing feel with good comments.

Contrary to the little tips, the big keys, like room and reunite, clatter audibly, which forbids extensive typing sessions in noise-sensitive environments. The homogeneous yet somewhat too dark backlight has also to be criticized.

The decreased keyboard is fitted flush, also it hardly dents. The ClickPad without committed keys is used for a 3rd amount of time in the P55W v7. Its uncommon that the region of both replacement keys marked by a vertical line does not respond to swipe motions.

Only the surface above it is meant for this. It is a little small and it has a relatively wide area during the edges that doesn’t respond to touch, often. We however had enough space for motions in practice. The gliding properties associated with absolutely streamlined area are good, but very damp fingers often tend to stutter.

Whilst the pinpoint precision is without reproach, extremely fast motions are occasionally ignored. The tester could have wished for a slightly much deeper drop and a bit less resistance for any replacement mouse tips. The sharp force point provides tactile and acoustic comments. Gestures for as much as three hands is configured during the Elan Smart Pad menu, nonetheless it does not provide many options.

The x pixel, We performed our measurements using the “Native Color” Smart Color mode that can be selected in Gigabyte’s proprietary Smart Manager during the previous designs. Gigabyte does not provide alternative display screens.

Both panels achieve quite similar prices in many sub-categories, such as brightness, lighting, and shade reproduction. Nevertheless, an extremely obvious improvement are ascertained when you look at the LPWF6: The black colored degree is much lower while the brightness consequently higher, therefore the a long time response times during the the v6 are now actually on the regular marketplace level into the new v7.

We could perhaps not criticize the picture sharpness. a black picture doesn’t look particularly black at the least perhaps not in a dark room, however it appears mainly homogeneous. Although display bleeding isn’t a problem, the backlight seems to shine through marginally in the lower side.

This isn’t at all noticed in training, though. Overall, all rates assessed into the novice take a beneficial to good or even exceptional degree. Users vunerable to screen flickering will likely be pleased to hear that Gigabyte once more does not utilize PWM. Gigabyte’s P55W v7 does a great job out-of-doors a minimum of on cloudy days.

We aligned the screen into the sky in the remaining screenshot; the shadow on the right could be the professional photographer. Even though legibility of material suffers, it could be recognized.

The right screenshot illustrates the so-to-speak best situation situation utilizing the doorway into the straight back. The bright and matte screen should make it possible locate a shadowy place that will not affect ergonomics also strongly also on bright days. If PWM had been detected, on average minimum: 5 – optimum: Hz was calculated.

IPS panels are very better than their lower-priced and lowering sought after TN alternatives with regards to viewing-angle stability. However, additionally there are differences here. The design inside our review sample is within the midfield of current IPS panels. Minor shade deviations are at many seen when two quantities of view are shifted place screenshots , but not whenever looking from the edges or from below or above.

Modern gaming laptops with a high-performance quad-core CPU, plenty of storage space, a quick Pascal photos card, and SSD like into the analysis sample cope with all commercial computer software easily.

Intel’s Core iHQ 4x 2. As may be seen, Intel has actually decided to boost the clock speeds by base and MHz boost while mainly maintaining the previous design, which actually causes an increased performance that’s not as insignificant as frequently was the outcome before.

The lightning-fast processor whose TDP is reduced from 45 watts to 35 watts, which in turn requires performance losings, is sooner created for bulkier laptops such in this test. We don’t know any games that push the Core iHQ or even usually the one during the predecessor to its restrictions. More info about the Central Processing Unit are present by following the web link at the start of this chapter and in our Kaby Lake article.

It really is not surprising which our P55W v7 can put itself at the top of the test field when you look at the PCMark 8 Work benchmark although it only uses one memory channel.

Considering that the overall performance components don’t provide basis for this difference, it should be as a result of faster SSD into the GLM this is certainly often dramatically exceptional compared to that during the analysis test especially in write overall performance.

Subjectively, handling is perfectly smooth and loading times are incredibly brief. The M. A SSD’s overall performance failed to truly convince us. The entire write performance that can also be considerably less relevant for rehearse is unsatisfactory. The review sample always ends up in one of the last two places in contrast to its competitors.

Besides hardware-based decoding and encoding of H. More details in regards to the high-end card’s features are located in our special article concerning the Pascal design.