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The principal objective for the SAP Concur Community is serve as a peer-to-peer channel for SAP Concur clients and users across business, Public. Might 21,  · SAP Concur is implementing validation for the NamePrefix, NameSuffix, and PreferredLanguage areas. SAP Concur is enforcing canonical values for these three areas, in two levels: In April , present values which are not one of many canonical values for these three fields, would be returned to callers for the GET requests as bare strings. Sign in along with your username and password to get into the Concur Solutions site.


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agree, concur, coincide suggest to come into or perhaps in harmony concerning a matter of opinion. recognize indicates complete accord typically attained by conversation and adjustment of distinctions. on some points most of us can agree concur . Concur definition, to accord in viewpoint; agree: would you concur together with declaration? See much more. The principal objective associated with the SAP Concur Community is always to serve as a peer-to-peer channel for SAP Concur buyers and people across business, Public.

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The purpose of the collection is to establish an extensive travel services system which enables vacation service providers to authorize, concern, and account for travel and travel reimbursements supplied to individuals on formal government company.

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