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May 18,  · From JVC — Discontinued May JVC’s DLA-RS is the business’s most economical Personalized Install D-ILA projector. It delivers spectacular photo detail and an unprecedented worth by way of JVC’s exclusive 4K e-shift4 technology. It takes native 4K 60P () content through Comprehensive Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP appropriate inputs and up-converts present P sources to 4K precision. dla-xr / dla-xr / dla-xrb / dla-x / dla-x / dla-x / dla-xcr / dla-xcr / dla-xcr / dla-rs / dla-rs / dla-rs System Requirements To utilize JVC Calibrator, your equipment and computer software must meet with the following : MB or maybe more. For , JVC projectors consist of HDR content compatibility and an improved Clear Motion Drive for unmatched image quality, as well as a newly developed high power lamp that provides lumens—the greatest in-class brightness. The DLA-RS is THX Certified and meets or exceeds the business’s greatest standards.


Jvc rs500.JVC DLA-RS D-ILA Projector Specs

Trade Name: JVC Responsible celebration: JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation Address: Valley Road Wayne, N. J. phone number: This device complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules. Procedure is subject to the following two problems: (1) This device may not trigger harmful disturbance, and (2) this product must take any disturbance. May 21,  · From JVC — Discontinued May The DLA-RS is JVC’s powerful fully-customizable home cinema projector. It creates exquisite quality images with JVC’s exclusive 4K age . The DLA-RSK is the ultimate projector for discerning people who desire uncompromised big display screen overall performance in their home. It represents a giant leap forward in front projection, delivering exquisite native 4K large dynamic range (HDR) photos at a .
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It utilizes straight positioning technology and a planarization method that reduces light-scattering and light diraction over previous devices.

The end result is extremely high indigenous comparison ratios with smooth, detailed photos without noticeable pixel framework also on large display screens. Increased brightness ensures compatibility with larger display screen dimensions over inches, and enhanced HDR performance, bringing greater depth and dimensionality to home theatre display screens. The DLA-RSK controls the laser output appropriately to the scene’s brightness, which produces a picture that is as close to human perception as you possibly can.

Also the full manual lens aperture is available for fine brightness modification. An 18 element 16 group all cup lens and complete aluminum lens barrel continues to be specically designed for any DLA-RSK’s 4K overall performance. Chromatic aberration and shade fringing are minimized even though utilizing lens shift, causing exact projection of 4K content.

So that you can project 4K quality to every place of this screen, this new lens diameter has become mm, in comparison to 65mm found in previous JVC projectors. This needs exemplary specications and exacting overall performance from show devices.

HDR content from different resources could be adjusted depending on display size and screen type predicated on image tastes. Once the projector detects an HDR10 sign it will instantly find the correct photo mode preset. The gradation of sky or ocean, various colors of purple in a crimson rose, additionally the countless colors of green of trees can be reproduced more clearly.

The DLA-RSK features an all-new aesthetic design, with a shaped pantry that combines aluminum and matte black paint for a lavish appearance while also reducing reflections.

The center-mounted lens is defined faraway from the black human body by a silver alumite band. Special care has been taken up to include functional beauty by applying a texturized matt black finish reducing visible finger marks during installation as well as in theater reflections.

The newest algorithm is developed to scale all video to 4K, giving extraordinary detail to all the content regardless of resource resolution. Screen Adjustment Mode. Deluxe Cabinet Design The DLA-RSK features an all-new aesthetic design, with a symmetrical cabinet that combines aluminum and matte black colored paint for a lavish appearance while also reducing reflections.

Following Generation Multiple Pixel Control the brand new algorithm continues to be created to measure all video to 4K, providing extraordinary information to all or any content no matter resource resolution. Everio R. Vehicle Entertainment Home Entertainment.