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Nils reports that with LAME , the high quality is now very close to the FhG encoder. This test was also made use of to tune the car ATH modification introduced in little allocation tests. (M – about 6 seconds) A sample from Sarah McLachlan’s “Elsewhere”. We first checked out an MP3 of the track on the internet (a really quality. These settings need Lame or later on. Note: At a given bitrate range, the quality scale typically actively works to where VBR is greater quality than ABR which can be high quality than CBR (CBR quality). The exception to this is when you select the highest possible CBR bitrate, which is kbps (–alt-preset insane). I’ve read some threads with people asking ways to get the absolute best quality through the LAME encoder. Most replies state that –preset insane has been modified to permit the perfect quality, many people appear to think that disabling the Y switch is a potential way to attain higher quality. Perceived sound quality is subjective, and will.


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I’ve read some threads with people asking getting absolutely the best quality from the LAME encoder. Most replies state that –preset insane is tweaked to permit the perfect quality, many men and women appear to genuinely believe that disabling the Y switch is a possible solution to achieve higher quality. Perceived sound quality is subjective, and can. My question is the fact that program I’m using has a list of MP3 conversion options therefore the best one seems to be LAME INSANE kbps but there is however also an option for FIRST QUALITY. I’ve done a test with similar tune on these two options and so they both wind up at however the Original quality . lame -v -V 2 -b 3 VBR mode automatically utilizes the highest high quality option. So both “-v” and “-h” aren’t essential when using -V. Choices.
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Notice please be aware that a lot of associated with software connected with this discussion board is going to be safe to utilize. If you are uncertain, feel free to ask when you look at the appropriate subjects, or deliver a private message to an administrator or moderator. To help suppress the problems of untrue positives, or in the event that you do discover real spyware, you can easily contribute through the article connected right here. Hello, I tried to find an answer here and on google aswell but without fortune.

Therefore I ask my concern here now Which configurations do i must obtain the very best possible audio quality with lame and mp3? At this time I am using these switches: –preset crazy -q 0 can it be any benefit? May seem like you did not take to very difficult we already got that –preset insane -q 0 , better yet with the -q 0 switch I inquired if it can be much better than this! If there were switches that made quality better than -b it could be here into the wiki.

We already penned that during my first message. Some time ago I discovered the -q 0 switch: Quote. Quote from: ThB on This discussion board is frequented by LAME developers. If there have been switches to enhance quality, they would be in the wiki.

It is not such as this could be the first-time this question has been asked. If you should be becoming tod -b is the better high quality feasible why are you disagreeing. If there was clearly a superior setting we would tell you. It’s also possible to would you like to consider the question, “Do I need the best possible quality? Final Edit : by Slipstreem. Quote from: Billytheonion on Quote from: Slipstreem on My favorite Lame usage is -V0 -b –ns-bass -8 –ns-alto -8 –ns-treble -5 –ns-sfb21 5 –lowpass The available area will never be completely filled with audio information however, making sense for any mp3packer treatment to kick-off the unused room.

An adverse worth for –ns-bass, –ns-alto, –ns-treble tends to make Lame more defensive and brings improvement for many kind of issue examples. Whether or not it’s really worth while is a matter of individual taste, as is already the consumption of -V0.

Lame quality is normally exemplary without these additions sufficient reason for a reduced quality level. On the other hand tiny quality is not an essential thing any more for many people with music players of huge capability around. Precision of sfb21 encoding can result in insufficient inefficiency associated with the total encoding.

That’s why Lame automatically reduces sfb21 precision for quality levels below V2. Maybe not a bad idea even as we are not sensitive to this frequency range anyway also it contains little musical information.

For V2 and above the same can be achieved using the -Y switch. Alternatively an explicit lowpass can be used when I do it within my setting above. All a matter of style. I’ve no clue whether this -V0 variant results in a significantly better high quality than simple -b Since 3. possibly i will get it done some day. Last Edit : by halb It just raises confusion and encourages visitors to fuss with switches they can not really understand from their limited experience.

Northpack: For this reason we explained the options. In case my explanations are not clear adequate, I could attempt to clarify all of them in more detail. I think you are much more concerned about ‘stick to the criteria’. You are right that this is actually the approach to take for people who wouldn’t like to love details. Obviously the OP does not fit in with this team. Quote from: MichaelW on SimplePortal 1.