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About. LuxCal, India’s growing service provider for overseas Lighting Design/Calculation and Green Building lighting necessity. Created in , a privately held business with a small expanding team, we offer services for end to finish improvement illumination design and calculation with domain expertise in the area of lighting effects software Title: Lighting Design & Calculation . ‎LUXCAL is simple but significant application aswell. Consumer can create events for them and administrator will accept the events which are produced by people from then on occasion would be demonstrated to all users. People can upload images related for their activities and will see photos and records developed by various other users. LuxCal is an innovative web based event calendar for residence usage and small enterprises. It is possible to setup and allows simple and fast management of your calendar activities home, at the office, on company trips or whenever on christmas. LuxCal is component rich, was designed for user-friendliness and certainly will help you to make error-free information inputs.


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Apr 24,  · LuxCal is an innovative internet based event calendar for house usage and small businesses. Simple management of one’s calendar occasions from any internet PC in the home, at the office or anywhere you are going. LuxCal happens to be created for user-friendliness and certainly will enable you to make error-free information inputs. Supported views: Year, month, week, time, upcoming activities and. About. LuxCal, India’s developing service provider for overseas Lighting Design/Calculation and Green Building illumination requirement. Launched in , a privately held company with a small growing team, we offer services for end to finish improvement lighting design and calculation with domain expertise in neuro-scientific illumination pc software Title: Lighting Design & Calculation . Apr 30,  · LuxCal is a lightweight and easy-to-use, web-based calendar for monitoring your schedule and your events. Upgrading your calendar can be as effortless as pressing the “Add” switch” inside the software. Only identify your event, pick a time and explain the function.
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For the installing of the LuxCal Event Calendar regarding the host of one’s web hosting provider, you’ll need:. To set up the LuxCal Event Calendar regarding the host of the web hosting supplier, follow the next measures:.

Pose a question to your hosting provider when they provide a tool to perform this. For later use, remember the name associated with database server host title , the database name therefore the account to access the database.

Uncompress the downloaded LuxCal zip-file in a temporary place and upload all files and directories to a Web accessible directory regarding the server the spot where you want to install LuxCal. Together with your Web browser browse to your directory site regarding the LuxCal installation; it will redirect one to the install. On the Installation page go into the database details plus the administrator name, e-mail target and password and click “Install. Hold a backup copy regarding the lcconfig.

The calendar shows a blank page. More often than not this issue is brought on by the fact the schedule cannot connect to the MySQL database.

When logging in as administrator, your name just isn’t presented during the right top of the screen; instead it reads ‘Public View’. This problem takes place when ‘sessions’ aren’t enabled, or not working, within the PHP installation on your host. This problem additionally occurs when cookies are not allowed in your browser. On the install webpage regarding the LuxSoft website you’ll install the LuxCal configuration tool and this can be made use of to check on in case your LuxCal schedule installation is ready for use or to additional analyse above dilemmas.

Through the LuxCal installation process a file called lcconfig. If, when releasing the diary, the file lcconfig. The variation quantity of the LuxCal installation. For example “2. This version number is employed by the diary to test if the existing schedule installation is current with the installed diary files and also to determine in the event the upgrade script should always be run.

This individual name ended up being selected if the database was created on the server of your Internet Service Provider. Note: This individual title really should not be mistaken for the admin’s user name to log in to the diary! This password ended up being plumped for when the database was made from the server of one’s ISP. Note: This password shouldn’t be confused with the administrator’s password to get on the calendar! The calendar information is stored in the following tables: activities , people , categories and settings.

This might be useful if you’re in short supply of databases and need to fairly share the database with various other applications, or if you want to use several individual LuxCal calendars. The calendar settings which are instantly produced through the installation procedure tend to be stored when you look at the options table associated with the database. All settings is altered at a later stage by the diary administrator via the configurations web page in the drop down selection on the navigation club at the very top correct corner associated with screen.

For those of you enthusiastic about technical details: The following are explanations of the PHP variables saved within the settings table of this database:. See also notifSender below. Setting the best time zone is very important for any “today” indication within the different views and when the “notification” feature is used.

Automatic regular functions must be installed see below. If the automatic periodic features are installed see under , this variable may be set-to 1 one day. In the event of an individual email, the receiver can answer the email.

Automated periodic features must certanly be installed see below and mailing cron job output ought to be enabled from the host. This function works via a cron work. Only setup languages may be specified. The standard value is 4. The value 0 zero features a special meaning and certainly will lead to the screen of just one full thirty days.

The standard value is The standard value is 14 fourteen days. The default value is 6 corresponding to am. This parameter helps you to stay away from wasting area for any nightly hours, where normally no, or very few, events are planned. The default worth is 18 corresponding to This parameter helps avoid wasting area for the nightly hours, where maybe no, or few, occasions are prepared.

The standard price is 1. Feasible figures: y: yyyy, m: mm, d: dd and any non-alphanumeric as separator. MdFormat : Text string defining the format of dates in dd and thirty days. Feasible characters: d: dd, M: thirty days in letters and any non-alphanumeric as separator.

MdyFormat : Text string defining the format of dates in dd, thirty days and yyyy. Feasible characters: d: dd, M: thirty days in letters, y: yyyy and any non-alphanumeric as separator. MyFormat : Text sequence defining the format of dates in thirty days and yyyy. Possible characters: M: month in letters, y: yyyy and any non-alphanumeric as separator.

DMdFormat : Text string defining the format of dates in weekday, dd and month. Feasible characters: WD: weekday in text, d: dd, M: month in letters and any non-alphanumeric as separator. DMdyFormat : Text sequence defining the format of dates in weekday, dd, month and yyyy. Possible figures: WD: weekday in text, d: dd, M: thirty days in letters, y: yyyy and any non-alphanumeric as separator.

The default price is 0. If you don’t specified, the entire schedule will start in a brand new window. This Address is in specific of good use when the full calendar is embedded in a current user page.

To really make the automatic periodical functions work, a cron job has to be produced on the host or on an exterior server , which executes the file lcalcron. For cron task details look at header of the lcalcron.

For events entered within the diary an individual can elect to get an email note notice one or several times prior to the event is born. Whenever selected, for recurring occasions e. Imagine: never forget to buy plants for your girl friend’s birthday celebration anymore! In a multi-user environment it may be helpful to know about modifications becoming put on the diary content, i.

Such a listing can be called up via the choices panel. It is however additionally possible having a listing with modifications automatically delivered daily to 1 or higher mail details. Via the Settings web page the administrator can specify how many times to check back for modifications and a list with e-mail addresses. When the quantity of days to look straight back for modifications is set to 0 zero , no e-mails with changes would be delivered.

Occasions which due time features past can instantly be deleted. Via the Settings web page the administrator can specify the number of times after a meeting’s due date when a meeting will immediately be erased.

In the event the number of days is defined to 0 zero , no occasions will undoubtedly be erased. Note: deleted events are flagged “deleted”; definitively eliminating erased occasions through the database is done via the admin’s Database web page.

The account of users who have not logged in during a specific amount of days can automatically be deleted. Via the Settings page the administrator can specify the sheer number of ‘no login’ times and after that an individual account would be erased. When the number of ‘no login’ times is set to 0 zero , no user reports will soon be erased. Use character encoding utf-8 without BOM see note under. This is certainly a great text edotor and it’s no-cost! Managing the LuxCal calendar could be the duty associated with the schedule administrator, that has all calendar access liberties.

To be able to establish users, to set up groups when it comes to schedule, to alter configuration configurations also to include activities, you must choose Log In during the navigation club at the top right spot of the display. Enter the administrator name or email and password you specified during the installation, and log in.

From the right-side associated with the navigation club the administrator drop down selection would be exhibited. A great place to begin in managing your calendar is to create a number of categories for your events, each using its own color. Adding groups with different colors – though not necessary – will considerably improve the views associated with schedule. Categories are for example: meeting, essential, holiday, birthday, etc. The original installation has only one group which can be known as “no cat”.

To handle groups, select groups when you look at the administrator drop down selection. This goes to a typical page with a listing of all categories where you could include brand-new categories and edit or delete current groups. The order by which groups tend to be presented during the pull-down number is determined by the Sequence field on the groups web page.

The field Perform can help pre-define continual activities. A category “birthday” or “anniversary” could be set to duplicate each year. If a repeat price is specified, all activities defined in this group will repeat as specified. The perform value specified here will overrule possible user ‘repeat’ configurations. The checkbox “Public” are unchecked to exclude certain occasion categories from being viewed by the “Public User” and from the RSS nourishes.

1 or 2 check markings is activated which will be presented while watching occasion subject for all events in this group. An individual may use these check markings to flag events, for example, as “approved” or “completed”. The fields Text Color and Background define the colors used to display occasions in the calendar assigned to the group. The people menu within the navigation bar allows the schedule administrator to add and edit users, their legal rights for using LuxCal and their interface language.

There are two main main places which can be modified, i.