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mSIGNA is an advanced yet user-friendly wallet featuring speed and ease of use, enterprise-level scalability, and strong protection. It supports BIP32, multisignature deals, traditional storage, multidevice synchronization, and encrypted electric and paper backups. A great compromise with regards to advanced functions and simpleness. Coronavirus (COVID) inform: wood in for information also to examine your COVID risk. Take note: see our Coronavirus (COVID) Resource Center when it comes to latest vaccine information, changes, and frequently requested questions. Jul 09,  · mSIGNA is an interactive desktop computer application for transacting on the bitcoin network supporting m-of-n trademark policies and multiuser/multidevice account management. Although the present launch develops only support bitcoin, it is possible to put together it to aid various other bitcoin-like blockchain-based cryptocurrencies.


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Dec 07,  · mSIGNA is a Bitcoin wallet app supporting traditional keychain generation, offline signing, multidevice synchronization, m-of-n multi-signature account management, and multiple blockchains.5/5(2). Multi-State P.O. Box Irving, TX CA Mobile: () TX Phone: () WA Phone: () More Information. Jul 09,  · mSIGNA is an interactive desktop application for transacting from the bitcoin system promoting m-of-n signature guidelines and multiuser/multidevice account management. While the current release develops just support bitcoin, you’re able to compile it to aid other bitcoin-like blockchain-based cryptocurrencies.

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A great compromise in terms of advanced features and ease of use. Relevant guides. Understanding a Bitcoin Paper Wallet? What is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet? Understanding a Bitcoin Web Wallet? What exactly is a Bitcoin Brain Wallet? Compare and Select a Bitcoin Wallet? Compare and Select a Bitcoin Debit Card? Understanding a Bitcoin Private Key? What is Elliptic Curve Cryptography? Simple tips to create a Bitcoin address from a Public Key? how can digital signatures in Bitcoin work?

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