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The NUC8i7HNKQC1 is designed, created, validated and backed by Intel, in order to be confident that the mini PC will require advantageous asset of the latest technologies and maximize the overall performance of recent processor. And this product includes a 3 year limited warranty, standard. And that means you can game, rule, edit, and watch with total confidence!/5(16). The Intel® NUC8i7HNKQC Mini PC packs all the performance of a desktop tower in a computer device you could tuck behind a display. The device is quick as Hades for slaying opponents or task swapping with ease between CAD workloads and 3D tasks. : Intel NUC NUC10I7FNK Mini PC/HTPC, Intel 6 Core iU Upto GHz WiFi 6 AX, Bluetooth, Thunderbolt 3, 4k Support, Triple Monitor Capable, Windows 10 professional (8GB DDR4 +GB NVMe SSD): Computers & AccessoriesReviews: 3.


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The NUC8i7HNKQC1 is designed, designed, validated and supported by Intel, to help you be confident that your particular mini Computer takes benefit of the latest technologies and maximize the overall performance of the latest processor. And this product includes a 3 12 months limited guarantee, standard. So that you can game, signal, edit, watching with full confidence!/5(16). Intel® NUC 8 company, a Mini PC with Windows 10 – NUC8i7HNKQC quick research guide including specifications, functions, pricing, compatibility, design paperwork, buying rules, spec . The NUC Hades Canyon 65W i7 Kit (Slim) from Intel is a tight, barebones system equipped with a GHz Intel Core iG quad-core processor and AMD Radeon RX Vega M GL visuals. It’s got two DDR4 SO-DIMM slot machines, promoting up to 32GB of MHz RAM, as well as 2 M.2 slot machines for storage space drives. Unlike various other NUC systems, this system’s dedicated AMD Radeon RX Vega illustrations is powerful .
Intel® NUC: Go Small. Get Big.
Intel® NUC 8 company, a Mini Computer with Windows 10 – NUC8i7HNKQC
Intel® NUC 8 Business, a Mini PC with Windows 10 – NUC8i7HNKQC
Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i7HNKQC -Technical Specs
Intel® NUC 8 company, a Mini PC with Windows 10 – NUC8i7HNKQC Product specs

The web browser variation you may be using isn’t recommended for this website. Please consider updating to the most recent form of your internet browser by clicking one of many after links. You can search our catalog of processors, chipsets, kits, SSDs, host items and much more in many means. Manufacturer: Core i7. Product Number: iU. Code Name: Kaby Lake. Lithography refers to the semiconductor technology utilized to manufacture a built-in circuit, and it is reported in nanometer nm , indicative of this size of features constructed on the semiconductor.

Thermal Design Power TDP represents the typical power, in watts, the processor dissipates whenever running at Base Frequency along with cores energetic under an Intel-defined, high-complexity workload. Describe Datasheet for thermal option requirements. Pre-Installed Operating System suggests the os which comes factory packed in the unit. Cores is a hardware term that defines the sheer number of independent central handling units in a single computing element perish or chip.

A Thread, or bond of execution, is an application term for the basic ordered sequence of instructions that may be passed by or processed by a single Central Processing Unit core. Processor Base Frequency describes the price at which the processor’s transistors open and near. The processor base regularity may be the working point where TDP is defined.

Regularity is normally measured in gigahertz GHz , or billion cycles per second. Embedded Options Available suggests items that provide extended purchase accessibility for smart systems and embedded solutions.

See your Intel agent for details. Pre-Installed Memory shows presence of memory that comes factory loaded regarding the product. Maximum supported memory speed may be reduced whenever populating several DIMMs per channel on items that help multiple memory stations. The sheer number of memory stations refers to the bandwidth procedure for real globe application. ECC memory is a kind of system memory that may identify and correct typical kinds of internal information corruption.

Observe that ECC memory help needs both processor and chipset help. Incorporated graphics allow for incredible visual quality, quicker visual overall performance and versatile screen choices without the need for a different pictures card. Graphics Output defines the interfaces accessible to keep in touch with screen products. Peripheral Component Interconnect Express or PCIe is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard for attaching equipment devices to a pc.

Different PCI Express variations help various data rates. USB Universal Serial Bus is an industry standard connection technology for attaching peripheral devices to some type of computer.

SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment is a top speed standard to get in touch storage products such as for instance hard disks and optical drives to a motherboard. RAID Redundant selection of Independent Disks is a storage technology that combines multiple-disk drive elements into an individual reasonable device, and distributes data over the range defined by RAID levels, indicative associated with the level of redundancy and gratification needed.

Additional Headers indicates existence of extra interfaces such as for instance NFC, auxiliary energy, and others. Trusted Platform Module TPM is an element regarding the desktop computer board that is created specifically to improve system protection above-and-beyond the capabilities of today’s software by providing a protected space for crucial operations along with other safety critical tasks.

Utilizing both equipment and pc software, the TPM protects encryption and trademark keys at their most vulnerable phases – functions whenever tips are increasingly being used unencrypted in plain-text kind. Whether using one or numerous hard disk drives, users usually takes advantage of enhanced overall performance and reduced power usage. When utilizing one or more drive an individual have additional protection against information loss in case of hard drive failure.

It includes enhanced manageability by limiting downtime and keeping output by isolating computing tasks into individual partitions. Email help. Our objective will be make the ARK family of resources an invaluable resource for you.

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Please contact system seller for more information on specific products or methods. Functionality, performance, along with other benefits of this particular feature can vary based system setup.

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