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One of the many virus protection software solutions available to you is Padvish Antivirus – Residence Edition. The energy presents itself as being centered on efficiency and, as with any other, promises to keep. Padvish is an antivirus produced by Amnpardaz Software Co/5(76). Padvish android antivirus makes you able to lock usage of your camera. Because sometimes constant tabs on the youngsters’s activities is hard. Because of this, you’re able to lock your phone digital camera, if you want to save your privacy from the public. Other Features of Padvish Android Antivirus.


Padvish.آنتی ویروس پادویش، ضدویروس کاملا ایرانی – پادویش

Padvish android antivirus makes you in a position to lock usage of your camera. Because occasionally continual monitoring of the kids’s activities is hard. As a result, it is possible to secure your phone camera, if you want to save your privacy through the general public. Other Features of Padvish Android Antivirus. Among the numerous virus defense software solutions out there is Padvish Antivirus – Residence Edition. The energy presents itself to be according to ease of use and, like all other, claims to keep. سامانه پشتیبانی پادویش (سپاد) شرکت نرم افزاری امن پرداز شناسه کاربری. رمز عبور.

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Download Padvish Android Antivirus ideal for android mobile phones and pills with android 6 or higher. The everyday increase of Android spyware reduced the information safety of cellular phones. On the contrary, a powerful anti-virus can ease your thoughts about any malware and its particular threats. Padvish is a fast anti-virus and certainly will provide you with security with the most high level technology in the world.

Phishing means achieving banking and user information by falsification the sign-in web page or financial gateways. In fact, anytime you enter a fake gateway, you may be under a phishing attack without the notice. If you enter the phony portal, in the event that you enter your banking information, the hacker just who creates this phony page will discover your details and immediately clear your banking account with your own registered information.

With the help of Padvish Anti-Phishing, be safe from hackers and their accession for your financial informative data on the artificial financial gateways. It’ll determine this particular feature of artificial pages and give a wide berth to people from entering these pages while showing notifications. Padvish android anti-virus allows you to able to lock use of your digital camera. Because often constant tabs on the children’s activities is difficult.

As a result, you’ll secure your phone digital camera, if you wish to keep your privacy from the general public. It provides you the ability of tracking and managing the rate regarding the risk of each application is going to be offered in three groups: dangerous, low-risk, and safe.

Also, you will see the data of each and every application with split details. Also, you can view how many certified permissions to each application. The installation as well as the final enhance dates of every application is visible on their pages. A firewall suggests preventing the application form from accessing to internet. Multiple link of this applications towards the internet will slow the internet speed and take in the bandwidth.

Additionally, some programs require no internet connection, because of this, you can easily prevent its usage of the net from Wi-Fi and Cellphone data to making certain to avoid the specified application from connecting towards the internet. By click on each sorts of group, you will see the information of every clicked part separately. For example, the categorizing of extra files is expanded, and it is clicked from the empty folders. You can view how big is all folders along with their figures and paths specified, and the individual can very quickly erase this folder.

A myriad of spyware such as Trojans, Ransomware, Adware, Spyware, etc. The powerful scan using today’s modern world methodologies will secure your unit from malware. Checking comes in three categories: fast, total, and file, and you will use them based on your requirements. Attributes of Padvish Android Antivirus. Application Security. Padvish Anti-Theft locking the stolen phone set password in the taken phone play security for any lost phone eliminating the stolen phone memory delivering warning SMS when SIM card has been changed added password for entering and adjust changing for anti-theft the user-friendly dashboard for the performed directions accepting the limitless phone number and trusted email messages list.

Padvish Anti-Phishing Phishing implies achieving financial and individual information by falsification the sign-in page or banking gateways. Features of Anti-Phishing finding fake gateways from validated ones. Camera Lock Padvish android antivirus makes you able to secure use of your digital camera. Other Capabilities of Padvish Android Antivirus. Application protection It provides you with the capacity of tracking and handling the price of this danger of each application is likely to be supplied in three categories: dangerous, low-risk, and safe.

Firewall A firewall means blocking the application from opening to internet. Reduction By click each types of group, you can view the information of each and every clicked area independently.