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QxOrm library – C++ Qt ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and ODM (Object Document Mapper) library – Official repository C++ 46 5 contributions within the last few year May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May sunlight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat. Understand how we count contributions Home Country: France. QxOrm is a free, open-source and lightweight collection that enables pc software developers to incorporate Object Relational Mapping (ORM) into their C++ and Qt-based products. Might 11,  · QxOrm was tested on Windows (aesthetic C++ and ) and Linux (GCC ). QxOrm is based on an easy and non intrusive ‘ setting purpose ‘ (that can be compared with Hibernate xml mapping file).


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Feb 16,  · QxOrm is a C++ library designed to provide Object Relational Mapping (ORM) feature to C++/Qt developers. QxOrm engine is based on an easy and non invasive mapping purpose by class to deliver: Persistence, Serialization, Introspection, Reflection.5/5. May 11,  · QxOrm continues to be tested on Windows (Visual C++ and ) and Linux (GCC ). QxOrm is dependent on a straightforward and non invasive ‘ environment function ‘ (that can be weighed against Hibernate xml mapping file). Feb 15,  · QxOrm is an open-source library C++/Qt developers can use to integrate Object Relational Mapping in their items. It gives a robust set of modules for C++ application servers, database communication, class validation, reflection additionally the listing continues.
QxOrm 1.4.8
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QxOrm : Persistence (ORM), Serialization, Reflection
QxOrm 1.4.8
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QxDao : predicated on Qt QtSql engine, this component offers interaction with databases select, update, delete, transaction This component supports object-oriented development : inheritance, polymorphism, modularity.

This component tends to make simpler connection between QML and databases. QxService makes use of serialization and introspection from QxOrm library to transfer over network any course or construction. For more details about QxService module, a tutorial can be acquired right here. This module additionally permits to clone all instances of objects.

QxOrm uses them but needs brand new functionalities which are not present in std standard collection. QxCache : QxOrm’s cache can contain various types of items.

It’s possible for instance to store information resulting from a database to avoid also frequent requests. This cache is common and will be used in other contexts than QxOrm. QxValidator : this module offers a validation motor for courses subscribed in QxOrm framework.

To learn more about QxValidator module, see the handbook here. This component is manufactured by Wu Yongwei. If another device has already been utilized in work Valgrind for example , this functionality shouldn’t be allowed. By default, QxMemLeak component is handicapped. QxOrm handbook QxEntityEditor manual. Present version :. QxOrm 1. QxOrm library continues to be accepted to the Qt Ambassador plan.

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