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Ram cache asus


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Jan 28,  · The system has simply 16GB of RAM and allocating around 6GB to the amount 1 cache. I am experimenting with little Level 2 cache – presently set to 12GB regarding the SSD. The SSD capacity is small at GB and making GB for the ted Reading Time: 9 mins. The performance advantages of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and creating a 16GB RAM Cache. It’s a bit technical but essentially it requires information that is becoming look over from a disk and stores it to the RAM cache which will be considerably quicker than usual hard disks and some SSD’s. It essentially uses your RAM to speed up your storage products. Overall it really is designed to boost the speed of file transfers, running of programs/documents, and so forth.


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The overall performance advantages of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache. With RAM cache allowed: when system needs a file from disk – it loads from disk typically into memory, additionally is copied into cache, therefore following time file is requested from disk – it should be packed from cache rather. when system needs writing to disk – file switches into cache and is also written to disk at a specified period (i set 60 sec). The RAMDisk software is exclusively supplied on selected ASUS ROG product lines and enables people to work well with the available system DRAM to its complete capability. 1. Design Concept. The fundamental idea behind the ROG RAMDisk software is to deliver a fast and easy method for users to further boost the performance of the system and durability of their SSD (s), with the use of the system memory (DRAM) that isn’t in use.

RAMCache II – can it be worthwhile?
5 How to Clear Memory Cache on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

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Goods Phones Laptops Desktops. Aura Smart Cooling. Wallpapers Aura Sync Armoury crate. Check In Sign Up. Webpage 1 of 3 1 2 3 final Jump to web page: Results 1 to 10 of After plenty of Bing searching, I can’t seem to find a lot of info about this feature.

This may seem like suitable spot to ask. At the time of today, i am nevertheless waiting around for every little thing to reach. What performs this DO? It caches information, however in exactly what method? Do you really choose which data to cache? If I could utilize more of that to lessen the time allocated to loading displays, great.

Will this slow anything else down? Every other programs? Boot time? Anything? Exactly what are the benefits and drawbacks of using it? I know that is lots of questions. I wish to reduce load times whenever possible, although not at the cost of overall performance in every other area of my Computer. I actually do significantly more than game, also. I make use of Adobe Premiere professional and its particular performance is essential if you ask me. Any comments is appreciated.

Basically, as files tend to be read from the disk, a custom device driver intercepts which files are browse – and then caches all of them into RAM. I’ve realized that games that I load often load just a little quicker. It doesn’t change writing them to disk, only reading them. Safer option, one-click setup. Then you can create a junction link to certain folders on the drive, then sync them at might. Products are copied to, and work out of the RAMDisk, so if you shed power, you may drop information.

Nevertheless, if you shutdown properly, it copies the items through the RAMDisk to a. It is nice and worth having fun with. In inclusion, it is possible to sync them anytime – there’s even more get a grip on. With RAMCache, you are at the will regarding the motorist, plus it appears to do a fairly great work, however you might see variances on loading time if it is chose to cache it or perhaps not.

That info is extremely helpful. RAMDisk seems like a pretty great program. I’ll fiddle around with it when I can. It does on my h. My Samsung and Intel ssd speeds both oncreased with RamCache enabled. Do you have to have another SSD for cache? I’d another Asus board that had computer software known as SRT that required a ssd, cached the ram too. Initially Posted by Hastin. I’ve found that RAMCache and Magician provide very close overall performance but a minimum of for any forms of data We move around Magician is a little faster overall.

I also choose Magician’s greater variety of user-configurable choices and configurations, though people rather favor greater simpleness and automation, a little bit of your own choice. You might find it well worth comparing Magician vs RAMCache on your own machine, during the context of calculated benchmarked activities plus in the framework of obvious real-world activities.

You’ll operate both together, in theory, however their features overlap and they just divide readily available memory into needlessly smaller segments and additionally they can possibly even conflict in a few circumstances – my experiments working both simultaneously had been unsatisfactory, performance vs no caching computer software! I have Ramcache I with my x99 motherboard. Asus actually has to allow us to upgrade our computer software for earlier motherboard variations.

Ramcache allocation Please see my PC spec’s below. I do not ever intend on filling it up more then one half if even that. At present this drive only has 1. Pre-owned room: Is this Ramcache software just for your master drive? Can you allocate your other drives too or perhaps is it not necessary and so can not be done anyway.

Thank you for any input ya’ll! Please can anybody response if this are demonstrably valuable results? Here are the popular Results. The driver ended up being Intel maybe not the Samsung. Greets Bernd. Final edited by bclhh; at AM.

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