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Bezlio is a cellular application that delivers shop flooring, area employees, installers, engineers, salespeople as well as other mobile workers usage of their ERP in real time, on any product. Sep 02,  · SaberLogic is a premier provider of custom development and consulting services when it comes to Epicor ERP. SaberLogic also specializes in consulting . SaberLogic, headquartered in Wadsworth, OH United States, is an expert solutions company that focuses primarily on custom development services and help for Infor ERP VISUAL (aesthetic Enterprise/Visual.


Saberlogic.SaberNet DCS : Labor tracking – labor reporting – time collection – time monitoring.

SaberNet DCS is a labor information collection system, built to enable organizations to quickly capture their work information in real time. Stating and analyzing this information offers you genuine presence in to the profitability of specific tasks, projects, staff members and divisions. Bezlio is a mobile application providing you with store flooring, industry employees, installers, engineers, salespeople and other mobile employees usage of their ERP in real-time, on any device. SaberLogic, headquartered in Wadsworth, OH United States Of America, is a professional solutions firm that focuses primarily on custom development services and assistance for Infor ERP VISUAL (aesthetic Enterprise/Visual.
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Schedule, export and e-mail reports like no time before. Logicity is a Crystal Reports viewer and scheduling application with a great selection of administrative resources and settings for effectively deploying reports during your business! Logicity are installed as a Crystal Report scheduler, enabling you to set up Crystal Reports to automatically run at regular periods.

Logicity’s powerful desktop computer application runs as an amazingly Reports viewer, starting RPT files directly. Double-click any RPT file, react to the parameter prompts, and view reports with refreshed data.

Quickly view, print, or save in several platforms! E-mail your are accountable to collegues using the shipped structure as an attachment. Set-up Logicity as a Crystal Reports scheduler on any house windows desktop or host to automatically set up a Crystal Report to run at regular periods. Hourly, daily, each week or on a monthly basis! Runtime factors can be inserted into Logicity Solution files to execute various things considering things assessed at runtime.

Name a file centered on today’s date! Or, utilize VBscripts for custom factors. Set-up “solutions” to specify the pre-defined actions to do on specific reports. It is possible to run an unlimited amount of reports in a single answer, with any combine of supported activities that you desire to use. See, e-mail, save, or printing! A convenient way to arrange and run Crystal Reports.

In the place of having split shortcuts to each readily available Crystal Report on a person’s desktop computer, a single answer file is developed that features each available report!

Functions Help Why Get Professional? Buy Permits. Features Support Pricing Buy Licenses. Loved throughout the world in ! Every 1. Used in Countries Logicity ended up being found in different nations this past year Amazing Flexibility with Report Runtime Variables Runtime variables could be inserted into Logicity Solution files to execute various things based on things assessed at runtime. Control Report Execution with Solution Builder Set-up “solutions” to specify the pre-defined actions to do on certain reports.

A single mouse click queries the database and refreshes the report. Email Reports Email your Crystal Reports to several people in multiple formats making use of the scheduler or with just one simply click!

Schedule Reports Schedule amazingly Reports to immediately operate at regular periods – hourly, daily, every week or every month. Runtime Variables Customize your scheduled reports by creating variables which can be performed at runtime. Command-Line Integrate Logicity together with your application through the use of command-line variable replacements.

Report Logging Track user activity whenever running reports: time, time, filename, login name and computer system title. Hide Credentials Solution data can be encrypted so that you can hide the database login information from end users.

Password Protect Require your users to enter a good code before a Crystal Report can be executed. Viewer Controls Lock down any screen settings, such export and print, whenever seeing a Crystal Report. Multi-Database Ability to save credntials and do several database authentications per report. Workspace Mode Convenient way to arrange and run Crystal Reports from one simplified user interface. Report times A simple option to see and save historical snapshots of a written report to lodge system for archiving.

Solution Builder acutely powerful tool for establishing “solutions” to perform Crystal Reports in certain methods.