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The Sansa Media Converter or SMC is a kind of media and sound computer software created for SanDisk to support its multimedia people; the Sansa Fuze and Sansa Fuze+. This media converter will help the consumer to transform entwined videos to attain the maximum artistic impacts. This computer software also permits the user to fully capture an image while watching a video. IQmango SanDisk Sansa Converter may be the converter away from expectations! Able to grab and make use of this totally working professional converter is the most efficient approach to convert your sound and video data fast to a variety of different platforms for more successful use on your SanDisk Sansa. The Sansa c ipod has two gigabytes of integral flash memory, makes it possible for you to keep up to songs (32 hours of playback) in kpbs MP3 format, or up to 1, tracks (64 hours of playback) in 64 kbps WMA structure. Extra ability is included via the microSD slot. It also supports registration songs stores, for simple purchase and Reviews:


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The Sansa Media Converter or SMC is a kind of media and audio software designed for SanDisk to aid its media players; the Sansa Fuze and Sansa Fuze+. This news converter will help the user to convert entwined videos to achieve the optimum aesthetic effects. This pc software additionally enables an individual to capture a picture while watching videos. Jun 19,  · Sansa Media Converter Build and launch Notes This era includes assistance when it comes to brand-new Sansa Fuze, as well as various bug fixes and enhancements here. The brand new Sansa Media Converter, version number , may be installed here: DOWNLOAD SANSA MEDIA CONVERTER Bugs secured: unit and SD card recognition backwards. SMC symbol stayed on desktop computer calculated researching Time: 6 mins. Sep 23,  · Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer control, – go right to the center column Portable Devices -> Sansa Clip (marked with an exclamation) – correct mouse click, select “update driver software”. – select “Browse my computer system for motorist pc software”. – choose ” i would ike to choose from a listing of unit drivers back at my computer”.
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This era includes support when it comes to new Sansa Fuze, along with different bug repairs and improvements down the page. The new Sansa Media Converter, version no. 4. Mr SmileyFace, could you endeavor to add as Repair to the converter that it’ll really convert video data it absolutely was initially designed to do? Or ended up being kept for another improvement? If this deficiency had not been fixed, add it to any or all the other conditions that users for the Sansa have. Only consider all that is written here.

To confirm, only see the forums. Therefore, you could advise we must browse the manuals. How about requiring that Sansa design engineers study these forums and fix the problems.?? Just downloaded it.

Exact same problem as previously. Every video clip file conversion fails! No mistake emails! My Sansa is an e Had it since christmas and it’s also nevertheless videoless! This Forum seems much the same since the product – produces plenty of questions, but produces no real responses.

You are so correct about Sansa Support. Sandisk is getting a negative name out of this. I’m able to let you know what is require free as well as the actions to help you transform your videos so your converter can process and shop the movie files. Initially try searching for each msgs from myself iraisok. The defaults are fine you could up the sound to K when I have actually.

Then feed that into the Sansa crapping 86MB news converter. Some of my early msgs were not correct so look at all.

Shuffle does NOT work with Playlists so that as you talked about even with brand new converter it does NOT transform many anything … unless as I stated you very first transform your movie with the other converter… and apparently, Sansa help does NOT care or previously respond to this.

I just setup the most recent firmware. Once more, I can just talk for my knowledge with ev2. When you have a v2 product then you definitely should expereince same.

Very happy to help further but please review and follow my most recent msg. I additionally state what does maybe not work in that msg. I can just talk for my personal experience with my own ev2.

I actually do acknowledge, I am usually determined to understand simple tips to fix issues even if it isn’t time well invested. Then try installing this InterVideo product. Sansa Media Conveter need QuickTime when it comes to codec of mp4. Additionally Sansa Media Converter will use what ever codec install on your personal computer for the to transform. Be sure you have the correct codec for any video clip. Hope this help.

A couple of mentioned requiring QuickTime – it has been the biggest clue in fixing the problem. A big Thank You to them all.

Though I have to admit I didn’t re-boot my pc after installing the QuickTime Alternative, some may wish try if they are averse to installing K-Lite codecs.

This has already been my workaround, wish it will help other individuals obtaining Sansa Media Converter actually working. Then you’re able to re-download or re-install it when you resolve your dispute problem. HGST Help. Sansa Media Converter Build 4. SMC symbol remained on desktop computer after uninstalling in Windows Vista.

Known Issues: movies changing in group sometimes usually do not use Sansa Fuze Work around: choose to convert one file at a time. Message Edited by sansamonsta on PM. Lets get it appropriate! I wish I could uncover what real format a video needs to be directly into be transmitted the e Such a pity because musically the gamer is excellent. Many thanks Ira i shall offer whatever you say an attempt and I wish my skills are as much as it. Thanks again bnice. Hello BNice, I simply installed the most recent firmware.

Hope it helps you. I had dilemmas until I setup QuickTime. Then, no problems. Message Edited by tkw on PM. I cant download it. It claims maybe not found. Where else can I install it? Nonetheless SMC decided to still not convert news files. Uh, that link is bad. Do you have a far better one for any K-lite? All legal rights reserved. Western Digital Technologies, Inc.