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Keep a protected, personal record on your PC.See What’s New when you look at the Journal 8 – DavidRM Softwareis the Journal


Using little bit AES encryption, and salted, iterated hashing for your passwords, The Journal 8 keeps your entries safer than any past version. Recover unintentionally removed entries! Streamlined back-up, restore, and upgrading! Effortlessly utilize the Journal with automatic backup/sync-ing software! Concerning the Journal The Journal ended up being created and manufactured by David R. Michael (AKA “DavidRM”) in ever since then, he’s utilized it just about any day, and he’s never really ended focusing on it. And, yes, I’m discussing myself within the third person. The Journal 8 Build # is the latest launch of The Journal. Click to see what’s new/fixed in this release. This is certainly a totally free enhance for many new users associated with the Journal 8. Upgrading from The Journal 8 (any earlier build).


The journal davidrm.See The Journal for action! – DavidRM Software’s The Journal

$ US $ US: Energy, Ease, Protection, & Reliability! FREE Feature Updates and Bug-fixes for the Journal 8!; COMPLIMENTARY tech support team via e-mail!; COMPLIMENTARY Monthly Newsletter!; PLUS: make use of the Journal at the office and at Residence at No Extra Charge! The Journal’s “household license” allows you to have The Journal setup on any computer systems you own or will be the primary individual of–plus on any computers. Hold a journal! Maintaining a diary or record has not been easier or even more convenient. The Journal automatically brings up a brand-new entry for you each and every day, and offers a calendar for easy review. Install The Journal. More than simply a diary! The Journal is a robust journaling and composing device that will help you are taking control over your lifetime. NOTE: When The Journal is installed into a cloud folder, do NOT operate The Journal simultaneously on numerous computer systems. That will trigger disputes using the cloud folder’s automatic backup and syncing functions. Unwind! I’m Here to greatly help! To help make the Journal even much easier to utilize, when you have any concerns after all, simply ask ([email protected]). I’m.
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Install The Journal. Then you can certainly uninstall the last variation. Initially, download and install The Journal 8. When you have The Journal installed during the standard configuration, the first occasion you run The Journal 8 you’re going to be encouraged to upgrade your current entries. After that, however, you can operate both The Journal 8 together with Journal 7 without having any dilemmas if you need to.

The Journal 8 is Journaling Evolved! Hold a diary! Preserve a knowledgebase! Write a book! You certainly can do all of it aided by the Journal! More Power! Search anywhere! See lightning-fast search engine results in virtually any group regardless of how many entries you’ve. Search results upgrade as you kind.

Plus, in-entry researching has been made even better, making it easier to find out search terms and navigate among them. Search every little thing! The new, improved Search Entries shows your search results as you kind, and lets you easily add or pull whole groups from your own search. Plus, it’s simple to save your lookups. More creating energy! Format your text with brand new, better types, including many brand new choices during the paragraph and personality amounts.

View two entries at once with split-screen modifying. Shut out the planet while focusing on your writing using the new distraction-free, full-screen modifying mode. Search-and-replace within all entries of a category. Word clouds! See term clouds for your groups centered on your entry text or on the topics you have assigned to your entries.

Enhanced printing, exporting, and importing! Enhanced subject support and reporting! Improved international character support! Improved media file support, with playback using Windows Media athlete!

More options for categories, including indicating the afternoon the few days starts and sorting alternatives for loose-leaf entries. Brand new entry editor options like hot-linking pictures, a running word rely on the status bar, format artist, and enhanced text highlighting. Brand new Entry Report Wizard from the Tools menu , with new and enhanced reports!

Enhanced Security and Stability! Your entries have never been safer! Using little bit AES encryption, and salted, iterated hashing for the passwords, The Journal 8 keeps your entries safer than just about any earlier variation.

Recover unintentionally removed entries! Streamlined back-up, restore, and upgrading! More Convenience! Much more versatile graphical user interface! Show your groups as a tree or nested tabs. Color-code your groups. Sort your loose-leaf entries by name, time produced, or even final time updated. Completely modify menus, toolbars, and even command hot-keys. New visual themes!

The Journal 8 includes a new set of aesthetic motifs and an even more cohesive look-and-feel. Synchronize multiple copies regarding the Journal! Have The Journal on the laptop computer at the job along with your desktop home? Maintaining all of them in sync is easier than ever. Synchronize The Journal together with your mobile- and tablet-based software! Import your entries and notes from such products as Evernote, Penzu, and much more. Offer your tired eyes a rest! Click here for update information and prices.