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When it comes to Thrustmaster Firestorms, these are generally broadly speaking top-notch game pads, have the features you would have a much, forget about and no less, have nice analog sticks and usually good directional pads/5(5). ThrustMaster FireStorm Dual Analog 2 – gamepad – wired overview and complete product specifications on CNET. Thrustmaster FireStorm Digital 3 Game Pad. Go to the THRUSTMASTER Shop. Platform: PlayStation2, or windows 7, Windows myself, Windows away from 5 stars. 22 ranks. Available from these sellers. It features a strong 8-way D-pad that gives you great control of the action. Eight action buttons for multiple firing and action s:


Thrustmaster firestorm.ThrustMaster FireStorm Wireless Gamepad – game pad – wireless Series Specs – CNET

Thrustmaster Technical support website Choose a language Français English Deutsch Español Italiano Nederlands Português Русский 中文 (中国) 한국어 日本語 Svenska All platforms Computer Android PlayStation®3 Xbox ® Xbox One™ PlayStation®4 Xbox Series X|S™ PlayStation®5. Experience the possibilities with 2 Analog, ° mini-sticks. Product description The Firestorm Wireless Gamepad combines award-winning design with cutting-edge technology. Play your favorite race, sport, or FPS games from dating back to 15 foot, without cables getting back in your way. Ergonomic design combines with custom gameplay alternatives for hours of comfortable gaming in which you get a grip on everything!/5(3).
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Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Energy Review. By Dan Adams Updated: 22 Oct am. My fingers are happy these days. Maybe not because they’re finally healed from that freak blender accident, but as they eventually got the chance to play games with a controller that almost believed like an extension of my human body. These kinds of controllers don’t arrive extremely often therefore right from the start i must supply the Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power a major thumbs-up. There’s just a lot of reasons to such as this controller and I recommend it to the majority of anyone that is seeking a brand-new model to play with.

To begin with, the pad just seems appropriate. Here is the preferred controller I’ve yet to play with on the PC, club none. It’s not only built to fit your hand extremely well with quick access to 13 buttons, 2 analog sticks, and a D-pad, but in addition is made out of a rubbery plastic-type material that greets your arms with a warm embrace and a cup of hot cocoa.

Everything feels like it really is appropriate where it’s allowed to be. Sufficient reason for 13 automated buttons, which is absolutely nothing not as much as miraculous.

As you can plainly see from the nifty rotating picture through the Thrustmaster site , you will find four regular buttons, four neck buttons, two trigger buttons and something main begin switch.

Whatever you do not truly see is the fact that each one of the analog joysticks can also be forced in as buttons. Even though the feel of using your middle hands in the triggers along with your list fingers for the arms are only a little strange for any first thirty seconds, it quickly becomes apparent that the feel can be as close to normal while you’ll log in to a controller.

Perhaps that’s why it feels strange at first. The specific controls are also solid and comfortable. The digital 8-way D-pad is interestingly nice considering the junk that usually passes for a PC D-pad.

The twin analogs may also be built really and fit perfectly in your thumbs. Response through the settings is precise and immediate as well giving you the capacity to really sink yourself in to the game and never have to bother about having to deal with the issues of a quirky operator.

You’ll be able to change amongst the digital and analog controls with all the push of a key, providing you the ability to find the best alternative during a game. Buttons will also be very responsive and solid. I never ever once found myself mashing buttons to the controller from experiencing like these people weren’t registering. The pad was also simple to setup. There is some pc software for calibration and all that jazz, nevertheless it took a couple of minutes all informed and never gave me personally any issues unlike other plug and play gamepads i have skilled.

The pad also utilizes Immersion force feedback technology to give you right into the overall game. No energy origin is necessary for this and also the experience is just as nice as any kind of force feedback controller that i have enjoyed.

What all of this boils down to is that if you are looking for an operator, and in addition have around thirty bucks to pay maybe you are able to find it for less expensive, but which was the typical we saw , here is the operator you desire. There clearly was truly little, if something, wrong with it.

Tons of buttons, great get a handle on, extremely confortable, solid building, power feedback, plug and play, also it looks good. I favor this operator. I want to get married it. Yes, that’s right, me personally therefore the Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual energy are becoming hitched had been this short article informative? YES NO. IGN Logo Recommends. Nov 16, –