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Dec 25,  · Home / Series / physician Who () / Aired Order / period 0 / Episode 3 Attack for the Graske A special interactive adventure that BBC visitors had the ability to accessibility by pushing their red key on the handy remote control. 34 rows · Nov 18,  · When readily available, episode brands is going to be converted into your favored ise they’ll be. The Doctor has actually other ideas but, as their concepts are disproved and each plan of escape is thwarted, he must work to win the trust of this implacable Captain Avery and uncover the facts behind the pirates’ supernatural concerns – and he must work rapidly, for a few of his .


Tvdb doctor who.Doctor Just who –

The physician has other ideas but, as their concepts are disproved and each program of escape is thwarted, he must strive to win the trust of this implacable Captain Avery and unearth the truth behind the pirates’ supernatural fears – in which he must work quickly, for a few of his . Doctor Who – Aired Order – period 6 – Season 6 Season 6 of Physician which ran between 10 August and 21 June It starred Patrick Troughton due to the fact 2nd Physician, Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon and Wendy Padbury as Zoe Heriot. Doctor Just who together with Curse of Fatal Death (4) March 12, BBC One. 5. S00E K-9 and Company: A.
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Physician Whom () – Aired Order – Deals –

Toggle navigation. Whenever readily available, episode brands will undoubtedly be translated to your favored language. Otherwise they will be shown making use of the series’ beginning language. Please enter the reason for deleting this record. Cancel Confirm Deletion. No Indeed. August 26, BBC One. The Five Doctors. November 23, BBC One. In the Temple associated with 4th 1. July 13, BBC One. Planet of Blood 2. February 14, BBC One. The Little One 3. March 8, BBC One. No youngster of planet 4. March 29, BBC One. Death Comes to Time 5.

April 19, BBC One. Real Time 1. August 2, BBC Two. Real Time 2. August 9, BBC Two. Real Time 3. August 16, BBC Two. Real-time 4. August 23, BBC Two. Realtime 5. August 30, BBC Two. Real Time 6. September 6, BBC Two. A Mystery in Cambridge 1. might 2, BBC Three. The Race for the Book 2. May 9, BBC Three.

A Doctor Loses His Notice 3. Might 16, BBC Three. Death Features Its Benefits 4. Might 23, BBC Three. The Race to get Shada 5. might 30, BBC Three. The Universal Notice 6. Summer 6, BBC Three. The Sound of Silence 1. November 13, BBC Four. Noise associated with the Underground 2. November 20, BBC Four. Meet the Monsters 3. November 27, BBC Four. Escape to risk 4. December 4, BBC Four. Difficulty on the Move 5. December 11, BBC Four. Striking suitable Note 6. Dec 18, BBC Four. Doctor Whom while the Daleks.

July 1, BBC One. Daleks’ Invasion Planet: A. August 5, BBC One. November 7, BBC One. Dimensions with time 1. November 26, BBC One. Proportions in Time 2. November 27, BBC One. Physician Who while the Curse of Fatal Death 1.

March 12, BBC One. Physician Just who plus the Curse of Fatal Death 2. Physician whom in addition to Curse of Fatal Death 3. Physician which as well as the Curse of deadly Death 4. December 28, BBC One. The Story of Doctor Who. December 30, BBC One. Whose Doctor Who. BBC One. Weight is worthless. January 3, BBC One. The Missing Years. An Adventure in Area and Time. November 21, BBC One.

In A Fix with Sontarans. February 23, BBC One. Mission to the Unknown Relaxation. October 9, BBC One. The William Hartnell Many Years. The Patrick Troughton Many Years. The Jon Pertwee Years. The Tom Baker Many Years. The Peter Davison Years. The Colin Baker Years. The Sylvester McCoy Many Years. Physician Just Who: The Film. Might 12, Global.