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Voxengo Voxformer ended up being built to be a multi-use singing channel strip plug-in. Piecing together a few professional quality processing segments, Voxformer ended up being designed to be a thorough. Voxformer is a multi-functional singing station strip AU and VST plug-in for professional audio applications. Combining a few professional quality processing modules, Voxformer ended up being made to be an extensive option for all your vocal handling requirements — be it spoken or sung vocals. Voxformer by Voxengo is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and house windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio models Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and an AAX Plugin.4/5(1).


Voxengo.voxformer.[] Voxengo Voxformer Plugin Review & Use Guide

Voxengo is regarded as those few plugin businesses making smart plugins. By “smart”, i am talking about plugins that really make my life easier and my music sound better. From then on disaster of an evaluation for Soniformer (Voxengo Soniformer Review), Aleksey decided the entire world required more of my literary ted learning Time: 6 minutes. Voxformer is a multi-functional vocal channel strip plug-in for professional audio applications. Combining several professional quality handling modules, Voxformer was designed to be an extensive option for several your vocal processing needs – be it spoken or sung vocals. The coolest function of Voxformer is its one-knob singing compressor.5/5(18). Voxengo Voxformer optimizes vocals recordings (if needed even songs and musical instruments) therefore assists even untrained speakers to achieve more presence and clarity. Voxformer provides following resources and impacts: Two separate compressors for individual compression of highs and lows 5-band parametric equalizer (separately configurable)Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.
Voxengo Voxformer Plugin Review and Guide
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Incorporating several professional high quality processing segments, Voxformer was made to be an extensive solution for several your singing processing needs — be it spoken or sung vocals. The coolest feature of Voxformer is its one-knob singing compressor. Using only a single knob, you could get a super taut, open and definitive professional singing noise with a fantastic articulation immediately. There is no need to worry about common proportion and makeup gain controls since they are automatically selected by the advanced compression algorithm even though the assault and release variables tend to be stored in a mode preset.

Moreover, Voxformer features two compressors of the type, allowing you to use either a two-band or a two-stage serial vocal compression. Voxformer also features the de-esser with selectable center regularity and threshold. Multi-band sound gate is present, which, in a way just like the compressor, ended up being made to bring simplicity of tuning while supplying exemplary sonic outcomes.

For people who like a saturated vocal sound, Voxformer implements an unique module which is applicable a smooth saturation. Another helpful feature Voxformer has to offer is the presence enhancing module, that can be used to incorporate some shine and area to your vocals.

More often than not Voxformer can be used for handling of many devices beside vocals. Help Shopping Cart Log in or signup. Voxengo Voxformer Vocal Channel Strip. Simple tips to put in this test computer software? Downloaded by users, nations recent ninety days. Color variants, much more included mouse click to expand :. Programs Vocal track compressor Voice streaming compressor plug-in Instrumental track compressor Track equalizer position booster Track saturator De-esser sound de-breath gate Channel strip Stereo, mid-side, 5.

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