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The present driver for this tablet can be found below: house windows 7, 8, 10+: install Mac OS +: Download. Free drivers for Wacom DTH discovered 4 files for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or windows 7, Mac OS x. Select driver to grab. Sell Your Wacom DTH for Cash. You can easily quickly select your Wacom DTH using our search bar or detail by detail technique so that you receive an accurate Instant Quote. Remember, our goal will be make attempting to sell your Wacom DTH the fastest, easiest method to offer and trade-in online.


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Free drivers for Wacom DTH discovered 4 data for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or windows 7, Mac OS x. Choose driver to install. Dec 18,  · A hardware driver is a small computer system which allows your computer or laptop to have interaction with Wacom items. It is essential to down load the most recent motorist to make sure that your unit is working precisely and that you can access its full array of functions. Pen for DTH / DTK KP This pen may be used as a substitute for almost any pen that is incorporated with compatible products, or perfect for having a .
Wacom DTH-2242 Interactive Pen and 21.5� Touch Display
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Wacom DTH-2242
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Pen for DTH / DTK

All liberties set aside. No section of this manual can be reproduced aside from your express personal usage. Wacom reserves the best to change this publication without obligation to present notice of these modifications. Wacom does its better to offer present and precise information in this manual. Nonetheless, Wacom reserves the right to alter any requirements and item configurations at its discernment, without previous notice and without obligation to add such alterations in this handbook.

The aforementioned year indicates when this handbook was prepared. Nevertheless, the date of launch to your users associated with the handbook is simultaneous utilizing the introduction to the marketplace regarding the applicable Wacom item. Mention of 3rd party products is actually for educational purposes just and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. Wacom assumes no responsibility pertaining to the overall performance or utilization of these products.

Working together with pressure sensitivity Using the services of several tracks Adjusting the show. This document offers fast access to information regarding your interactive pen display. Click on a navigation option or highlighted term to move via the document.

The info is common to Windows and Macintosh computer systems. Windows display captures tend to be shown, unless otherwise mentioned. If you’re a new comer to digital documentation, read Navigating the manual. Your very best supply because of this info is the set of manuals and disks that included your hardware, operating system, or application.

As a result, manufacturing changes and enhancements are manufactured from time and energy to time. Therefore, some changes, adjustments, and improvements may possibly not be covered in this document. See the Adobe Reader assistance to find out more.

The DTH additionally features interactive multi-touch capabilities. The Wacom tablet control interface allows you to personalize your pen, pen display options, and multi-touch functions. For more information, see Customizing the pen display. The following information is not included with this product: details about your unique computers or operating system, or information about your application software.

For illustrations associated with the products added to your pen display, start to see the Quick begin Guide included in the product field. So that the safe use of your product, you’ll want to follow all guidelines, cautions, and warnings found inside this handbook. Failure to do this may cause the increasing loss of data or injury to your pc.

Failure to do so may also void your warranty, in which case Wacom shall don’t have any responsibility to repair or change the merchandise. For step-by-step all about safe setup and make use of of one’s pen display, relate to the main item Information IPI supplied with the merchandise. This image indicates an item that, if disregarded, can result in lack of man life or really serious injury. This sign indicates a product that, if disregarded, may lead to man damage or injury to private residential property.

Hardware Control buttons: Press 1 to get into the control interface. Lights blue when pen is in energetic section of the pen display as well as the pen tip is pushed. On / off switch. Lights blue whenever energy has been supplied to pen display and a video clip signal is present. Glows lime when no video signal is recognized. For exterior USB devices, such as for instance a flash drive. Totally put in the pen display hardware and software before connecting any devices.

Shop by inserting one end of this pen into either region of the compartment. Then gently press various other end of pen in to the compartment. Take care not to damage the pen nib. Get rid of the pen by placing your hand underneath the pen and pulling the pen out from the compartment.

If making use of a pen tether, connect it to an accessory point located on either part of product. Changes the tilt perspective for the unit. See Adjusting show incline. Crucial: never lift the unit by the stand; this could harm the stand process. When lifting or moving the pen show, always grasp the primary body casing. Always shop the interactive pen display on a stable surface or in its initial packaging carton when not being used.

Make sure to adjust the stand to the low tilt position before packaging. If you don’t shut the stand, the notched device is damaged during transport and storage. Release lever to lock the stand set up. DuoSwitch side switch : make sure the automated switch is in a convenient place where you can toggle it together with your flash or forefinger yet not accidentally hit it with all the pen.

Feel free to use the switch when the pen tip is within distance regarding the display surface; you don’t need to touch the pen tip into the show area. Toggle the switch in a choice of path to stimulate the option features.

Pen tip changeable nib : The pen is triggered as soon as its brought within proximity 5 mm 0. this enables one to place the display cursor without coming in contact with the pen tip into the display screen. Whenever stress is put on the pen tip, the pen simulates a primary mouse key click. Suggestion mouse click force may be modified into the Wacom tablet control board.

If not in use, position the pen during the pen storage area or perhaps the pen holder, or lay it flat on your own desk. To keep up the sensitiveness of one’s pen, do not shop the pen in a container where it will rest on its tip. Crucial: just use a pen specified for use with your pen display. Other pens might not function precisely. Additionally, the pen tip is created specifically for use with the pen display.

If the pen display has a covered area, the tips about various other pencils could damage the pen display. Aside from the pen owner area at the top of one’s pen display, a pen owner and pen tether are offered. System of this pen holder is shown below. Attachment points when it comes to tether are shown on page 9. The pc treats the interactive pen display as two individual products the show as well as the pen tablet. Consequently, the installation procedure is finished in two stages:. Both stages need hardware and software installments and corrections.

Watchfully follow ALL instructions. DTH Windows 8 or house windows 7 only. OS X, v if you’re upgrading your movie card, total the video card installation before connecting the pen display. For those who have another screen this is certainly compatible with your video card, you need to use that display to confirm the movie card is operating correctly. You might be able to establish the pen display as a mirrored, extended, or separate display.

Whenever using multiple monitor, the pen display will map towards the screens in relation to. By default, if you should be in mirror mode, the pen display will map to the whole space for each monitor. See your hardware and os documents for details on configuring the body to be used with multiple screens. A Display Toggle purpose can be acquired for use with numerous monitor systems. This gives one to toggle the display cursor between your pen display as well as your other screens.

The pen display can be used alone or with another show. When making use of this interface, the second device will mirror the picture on the pen display. Complete the pen display installation before connecting another product to the unit. In this step, the interactive pen display is installed as a monitor in your system. Crucial: Do not connect the USB information cable until advised to do so. Never connect or disconnect the video clip or energy cables while your computer or laptop or pen display are operated on.

This could damage the display or video card. When your computer features only 1 movie connector, unplug your previous monitor or include a moment video card. See whether your personal computer features an electronic DVI or analog VGA connector, and make use of the proper cable and connector for the link with the pen display. See — A — during the LCD monitor cabling drawing. Making sure to tighten the connector thumbscrews, stick to the under instructions for your video connector. See — B — in the LCD monitor cabling drawing.

If connecting to a Mac Mini DisplayPort, you will need to get an appropriate adapter. Adapters can be bought at different stores and via the on line Apple shop. Link the ability adapter to your pen display. See — C — when you look at the LCD monitor cabling diagram. Link the adapter energy cable and connect into an AC socket. See — D — in the LCD monitor cabling drawing. Turn on the pen display.