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Weeder Technologies WTSSR-M Copyright – by Weeder Technologies Rev. HFile Size: KB. Weeder Technologies ended up being created in by Terry J. Weeder who during the time, ended up being working an 8-year stretch at General Electrical’s Aircraft Engines plant in Cincinnati Ohio. Choosing to venture outward and start an electronics development business from the side, Terry set-up a little shop and went to work creating a line of diversified digital kits for the hobbyist. Weeder technology cards bring real industry automation high quality and dependability at a very affordable cost. The WeedTech plug-in has become included in XTension at no extra price. Up to 6 weeder cards of every combo can be chained off an individual Serial adaptor or ethernet/Serial adaptor.


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Weeder tech cards bring real industry automation quality and reliability at a rather reasonable price. The WeedTech plug-in is included in XTension at no additional cost. Up to 6 weeder cards of any combination could be chained down a single Serial adaptor or ethernet/Serial adaptor. Weeder Technologies WTMCD-M Copyright – by Weeder Technologies Rev. B. Weeder Technologies WTSSR-M Copyright – by Weeder Technologies Rev. HFile Size: KB.

Weeder tech cards bring true business automation high quality and reliability at a rather affordable cost. The WeedTech plug-in is contained in XTension at no extra cost. A variety of individual interfaces is created to link any number of weeder segments at 6 each. This module has actually 8 outputs, and 2 inputs. The result units in XTension should really be developed during the typical way.

The target regarding the products is the target of this card because set by the plunge switches and then lots that corresponds to your actual production. As opposed to A the first pin is numbered 1. The proper configurations are baud: , no parity, 8 information bits, 1 stop bit. Consumer Tools Sign In. Website Tools Search. Sidebar XTension Version 9.

Starting Out. Xtension Manual. Pre v9. Download Previous Versions. Table of Contents Weeder Technology Modules. The very first 7 tend to be Schmitt Triggers and are quickly linked to change or sensor outputs. The most effective 7 tend to be quick TTL degree inputs and depending on what you are connecting might not assist simply switches or may necessitate additional equipment to get to work. Some of the sign outlines is made output just by sending an on or off through XTension into the pin.

The card is addressed by XTension with an address when you look at the X10 style. The first page corresponds to the card address you put through the plunge switches. The next quantity could be the amount of the input pin in the component. Feedback lines regarding the module it self are lettered, but inside XTension you must give them a number alternatively. The outputs are not powerful sufficient to operate a vehicle a relay simply by on their own and thus it’s required to build a relay software card as shown within the tech document linked to above.

Only the sensing of feedback modifications and the turning on and off of outputs is supported by XTension at this time. The module itself has many other features if you need any of those supported directly kindly let us know. The image shows my weeder digital IO card as installed in a weather proof sprinkler operator situation and attached to a property built 2 relay card for storage home remote control. When you accidently deliver a command for a pin that pin will go into result mode and you should not be in a position to review it’s condition once more before you reset the card via an electric pattern.

The Digital Input Module wtdin-m has 8 input channels, but all may be used without exterior hardware for simple switch closures. They are safeguarded and may be used to sense the presence or absence of control voltages as much as 40 volts. The 2 outputs for this component can straight drive a relay or other stock up to 1 amp without outside hardware.

The Analog Input Module wtadc-m has 8 single-ended analog inputs that may also be configured as 4 differential inputs. For the solitary ended reading the current feedback in addition to common floor pin on the card should be the same circuit or you’ll review trash. Unused inputs should either be tied to the most popular surface pin or perhaps the inputs be given a big significant change price in XTension otherwise they are going to produce a brand-new worth on every read as untied inputs only get back arbitrary numbers.

Maybe great for a random number seed? You’ll install the newest beta version from the beta link right here until it’s marketed to a complete release. Except where usually noted, content on this wiki is accredited under the following license: CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.