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AccuRev GUI resources that offer access to historical variations of elements. The Version Browser provides easy access to all or any versions of a feature. The annals Browser provides accessibility versions through the deals by which these people were produced. The Stream Version Browser provides quick access to your variation that currently seems in a given stream. AccuRev accelerates your distribution throughput with stream-based architecture | Micro Focus. Your internet browser just isn’t supported. For top level experience, usage Bing Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Solutions. Digital : Micro Focus. Mar 22,  · One sentence (with an asterisk): Accurev is a time-ordered repository that keeps a revision reputation for data changed for every single stream/workspace, and enables you to develop different versions associated with the rule (in channels) whilst each flow is transparently updated using the core signal from its mother or father and child* channels.


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Oct 21,  · AccuRev provides solutions that optimize, automate, and accelerate the software development procedure for businesses utilizing Agile, waterfall, or crossbreed progress. AccuRev accelerates your distribution throughput with stream-based structure | Micro Focus. Your browser just isn’t supported. To discover the best experience, use Bing Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Solutions. Digital : Micro Focus. AccuRev is a software setup and alter management answer, uniquely suited for Agile development which aids stream-based development and alter exposure.
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AccuRev Glossary

AccuRev Glossary 3-way merge The kind of algorithm that AccuRev utilizes to mix the articles of two variations contributors of a text-file element: it compares the two main files line-by-line with a 3rd version, the closest common ancestor of this contributors. AccuRev residence directory A subdirectory, known as. This subdirectory stores your preferences file and other AccuRev configuration data. ACL A set of permissions that controls the rights of specific people or individual teams to gain access to the data within a specific depot or stream.

See also EACL. An issue record is said to be active in a workspace or flow if the top version of a number of of their change package entries is within the stream’s standard team.

See standard team, backed, passive. See predecessor or direct ancestor. See variation graph. With exclusive file locking, anchoring a file in one single workplace stops it from becoming made active in sibling workspaces. See authuser. Following the archived storage files are copied to off-line storage space, the disk storage space in the portal area could be reclaimed. If you don’t, the complete transaction is cancelled, as if it had been never tried. See anyuser. See picture. Similarly, a big change package entry comes with most of the versions between a specified foundation variation and a specified head version.

The change bundle registers the changes to 1 or more elements, designed to apply the feature or bug fix described for the reason that problem record. Each entry during the modification package describes changes to at least one factor: the changes between your foundation version plus the head variation.

See patch. Change Palette The AccuRev GUI tool that permits people to execute merge and promote functions involving any channels, not merely a workspace and its mother or father flow. The Merge device shows and matters the alteration sections.

Moreover it tracks the conflicting modifications conflicts — the subset of change sections by which both contributors change from the closest common ancestor. Disputes must be settled by real human intervention.

See distinction part. In a unique file locking or anchor-required workplace, a checkout transitions the file from read-only to writable. Found in a merge operation to minimize the amount of work needed to combine the items regarding the two specified variations. See merge, version graph. See serial development. Typically, the collection of versions presently in a certain workspace or flow.

Also, the problem in which both contributors have pathnames that differ from the nearest common ancestor, and from each other. For a symbolic-link element, a big change to the target pathname is a content change. For an element-link factor, a change into the target element is not considered a content change to your website link.

See namespace modification. This may include both material changes and namespace changes. Cross-linking a directory also cross-links the entire subtree below it. Cross-linked elements have xlinked status. See moms and dad stream. If you don’t, it’s passed down from the mother or father flow. See passive. When a defuncted factor is marketed, its instantly taken out of any son or daughter channels; it really is taken off any workspaces off the mother or father or child flow the very next time the workspaces tend to be updated.

See also promote. See element, version. The Diff device highlights and counts the real difference areas. See modification section. See factor website link and symbolic website link. This will be a potential side-effect of cross-linking the factor or a higher-level directory site.

It also inherits versions from its mother or father stream. EACL a couple of permissions that manages the privileges that each users or individual groups have with regards to a certain element.

See additionally ACL. See version. The prospective element can be a directory factor, a file factor, another element website link, or a symbolic website link. Various variations of the same element have different factor types. Three factor types exist: text, ptext, and binary. Text and binary are relatively self-explanatory, but ptext is an unique situation.

When AccuRev copies a text file through the repository to a workspace such as for instance through an improvement or pop demand , it provides it line terminators right for the device where in actuality the workplace exists. Binaries are copied just as they occur when you look at the repository. But, in the event that you declare a text file is a ptext file, it is copied to and through the repository without any line termination changes, just like a binary. See metadata. See also staging stream. Each user can fit in with several groups, and groups is nested.

History Browser The AccuRev GUI tool that displays the collection of deals that influence a particular information structure: depot, flow, file, etc. procedures can put on to specific files or directories, or to entire directory trees. Guidelines for a stream are inherited by its subsidiary streams and workspaces, but can be overridden at reduced amounts.

See consist of guideline. Each problem record implements a bug report, function information, etc. The login name must-have been created formerly. AccuRev licenses indicate a maximum amount of currently-active usernames. All storage depots are manufactured during the master repository, from where they’re able to later be replicated.

Just the master server can write information to the repository. See replica host. Merging of namespace changes additionally considers the nearest typical ancestor. Metadata is stored within the repository database; file articles are stored during the file storage space.

See single-column mode. Such a change is merged instantly, without needing a choice through the individual. In the Timestamp Optimization TSO , AccuRev does not consider data whose timestamps have never altered since the final time the workplace ended up being updated or looked for modified files. During the pathname optimization, AccuRev ignores files whoever pathnames match a pattern specified into the. See search. The new, merged variation are able to be marketed. Likewise, an overlap can occur involving the versions in two powerful channels.

See deep overlap, deep underlap, underlap. Passive versions can be overwritten by an update procedure. Also, the merge-like procedure that incorporates those modifications into another form of the exact same factor.

See merge, basis version, head variation, modification bundle, reverse patch. a variation and its forerunner are not necessarily located in the exact same workspace stream. When you look at the Version Browser , a version and its particular predecessor tend to be linked by a black range. Exception: a version produced by the revert demand is connected to its forerunner by a dashed blue range. See general public question. See version and demote. See personal query. Within each depot containing issue records, one of the queries designated because the standard question, becoming invoked immediately in some circumstances phoning for the user to specify one or more issue records.

See variation, digital variation. The current changes focus on the present version or any other selected version , termed the top version; they extended backward to but do not include the matching basis version.

It contains a duplicate for the present type of each aspect in the flow or picture. New transaction files tend to be written to your master repository only, making resynchronization necessary. This data is preserved by the AccuRev host, responding to demands made through AccuRev customer programs.

Users never manipulate the repository straight. See file storage area. See spot, change bundle. SCM Acronym for computer software setup management.