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Yokogawa wt300


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All industry standard communication software ports such USB, GPIB, RSC and Ethernet are offered for the WT group of Power Meters. The typical software is USB plus GPIB or RSC, with Ethernet as an available option. Yokogawa’s WTViewer complimentary Plus software is provided with each WT . Explanation The WT is a single stage, portable unit, with all the convenience of calculating reduced currents from 50 micro-Amps up to 20 Amps RMS and a voltage varies from 15 to Volts RMS. The WT series is the 5th generation of Yokogawa’s compact power meter portfolio. The planet’ s best-selling power meter could be the energy meter of preference in multiple industries from production outlines to R&D applications. The WT show provides clients a number of .


Yokogawa wt300.Digital Power Meter WT | Yokogawa

All industry standard interaction user interface harbors such as USB, GPIB, RSC and Ethernet are available for the WT variety of Power Meters. The conventional user interface is USB plus GPIB or RSC, with Ethernet as an available alternative. Yokogawa’s WTViewer Free Plus software program is supplied with each WT . Explanation The WT is an individual period, transportable device, utilizing the capability of measuring low currents from 50 micro-Amps as much as 20 Amps RMS and a voltage varies from 15 to Volts RMS. The WT show is an electric measurement tool that can determine parameters such as for example current, current, and power. This User’s guide describes the attributes of the WT series and how to make use of all of them. To ensure correct usage, please read this handbook completely before you begin operation.
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The WT variety of digital power meters will be the 5th generation of Yokogawa’s best-selling compact power yards: instruments that play an integral part in guaranteeing maximum criteria of energy efficiency and preservation by calculating the power use of electric equipment.

Incorporating accurate and dependable energy measurement over an extensive energy range with freedom, ease of use and a choice of communication interfaces, these tools helps designers, engineers and makers of electric gear to make sure that their products conform to emerging IEC and EN criteria and progressively complex and stringent requirements on energy efficiency.

They provide ideal measurment solutions for various programs including stand by energy measurement to Energy star for assorted producers such as for example domestic “white goods”, battery chargers, lighting methods. The WT’s wide selection of funcations and improved specs allows to handle all of the measurement applications from low-frequency to high frequency inverters using an individual energy meter. Precision with fast show and update price: The WT show aided by the fast screen and date inform rate of Max.

The fundamental reliability for several input ranges is 0. In addition to standard power measurements, the WT offer many harmonic dimension abilities, including the ability to carry out simultaneous measurement of normal power variables such as for example RMS, indicate or DC energy along with dimension of harmonics as much as the 50th order.

Because of this, total dimension times tend to be paid down, permitting users to allocate their commitment to many other tasks. The auto-range function is employed to pick or change the range instantly in specific ranges.

This leads to faster range altering times, allowing more quick and efficient evaluating. Usually, when power meters work in an integration mode to measure energy consumption and standby energy, the calculating ranges should be fixed. Nonetheless, if the degree of the input surpasses the utmost regarding the selected range, the test will need to be duplicated.

The WT Series has a top speed automatic ranging capacity in integration mode, which removes the requirement to repeat any test. The broad existing feedback range provides the client options to make use of the WT series from as low as 50 micro-Amps to 40Arms.

Allows users to really have the mobility to select according to applications requirements. Also, the numeric values, waveform screen, and trend graphs associated with dimension data is presented and conserved. Two brand new functions, guide Range Mode and Comparator Mode can be used easily with built-in PLC and recorders in production line examination systems. For example, if you measure the fluctuating existing from 0. Then, if the present price measured is 0. If you are going to utilize a relay contact output, kindly prepare the relay and the relay drive circuit.

The WT series power yards are easy to use, cost effective, and precise for an array of applications, such as manufacturing, assessment, assessment, and analysis and development. The WT show offers dependable current integration Ah and Energy Wh dimension for approximately 10, hours. Link between Lifestyle Cycle Assessment. For link to simultaneously measurement with 2 units, and for feedback additional trigger sign.

A couple of 0. Adapters for suitable a 4mm banana plug to a hand terminal. Set includes one black and something red video. During the test of the latest washer, current, current, power, therefore the get a handle on signal on the time control panel must be recorded. With an increase of consider reducing energy usage and compliance with performance criteria, this app note provides an overview on the kinds of dimensions necessary for efficiency and power high quality, while the devices that take them.

The goal of this paper is to show the close relationship between effectiveness and energy quality, and provide education from the factors behind energy high quality, kinds of power high quality dilemmas, and supply help with dimension factors. In this video, application professional Kourtney Morrison demonstrates how to use the application for easy standby power dimension. Interested in more details on our folks, technology and solutions?

Notice: This item had been stopped on Mar 15, Request a Quote. Tech Support Team. Instruction Manuals Computer Software. First in Class: automobile ranging purpose for sale in selected ranges. Bandwidth: DC and 0. High-speed data upgrade up to 10 readings per second.

The WT series may also determine harmonics and perform integration simultaneously without switching the measurement mode. Quick display and data upgrade price: The quick show and ms maximum data change price associated with the WT show provides a short tact amount of time in testing treatments. Firmware Ver1. Result: -5 V higher than reduced limit value and less than top restriction price.

Result: 0 V more than top restriction price. Conformance and evaluation assessment of uninterruptable energy materials UPS -Maximum order establishing for THD calculations -Efficiency dimensions utilizing just one energy meter Multiple devices for parallel screening of product analysis of electrical equipment brand new form of the WTViewerFreePlus , measurement information may be collected from multiple WT units same design maximum 4 units.

Application Note. Exactly how Green is the Computer Software? Review: In the test of the latest automatic washer, voltage, existing, power, together with get a handle on sign in the time control interface need to be recorded.

Cleaner Test for WTE. Overview: assessment of hoover needs to measure altered waveform. Analysis: lighting effects products have to examine not only power variables additionally temperature. Overview: with an increase of focus on lowering power usage and conformity with efficiency standards, this app note provides a summary from the types of measurements needed for effectiveness and energy quality, while the tools that simply take them.

White Paper. Analysis: the goal of this paper is to show the close relationship between efficiency and energy high quality, and supply training from the factors behind power high quality, kinds of energy quality dilemmas, and provide help with measurement considerations.

Could I view waveform and trend information for any WT show? Featured Training Module. How-tos How-to. Call Us. EX1: 2. THD calculation optimum order environment. Duration evaluation and efficiency measurement for commercial engines and rotating equipment. Several products for synchronous testing of item assessment of electric equipment.